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Whiplash Claims

The impact caused by a vehicle collision often results in whiplash injury, a common but often severe condition that affects your physical and emotional health in the long term. Gantzert Law has advocated for clients in Vancouver and throughout the province to ensure ICBC is responsive to our clients' need for compensation.

Understanding Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injury is caused by a sudden movement of the neck and head. A whiplash-associated disorder, which follows whiplash, can present as a range of symptoms. The severity of your injury will fall on a four-grade scale, as follows: 

  • Grade 1: Neck complaints, including pain, stiffness and tenderness

  • Grade 2: Neck complaints as described in Grade 1 and musculoskeletal indications

  • Grade 3: Neck complaints and neurological indications

  • Grade 4: Neck complaints and fracture or dislocation

Whiplash that fails to heal quickly can become chronic pain. As debilitating as this condition is, it is difficult to prove through the use of imaging equipment or other testing. It is therefore beyond the capability of many car accident victims experiencing whiplash to sufficiently prove their pain to an ICBC adjuster in order to get the benefits they need.

Neck Injury Lawyer Speaking for You

Our law firm has helped hundreds of clients secure the benefits they need from ICBC to recover from a whiplash injury. As your counsel, we will link you with the appropriate medical professionals, arrange for expert review of your case and negotiate with ICBC to ensure the pain you are experiencing is not minimized by the insurer and that you get the settlement you require.

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