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The most common type of injuries experienced by car accident victims are spinal injuries. Many of these injuries manifest as severe pain, which may be difficult to diagnose. Early intervention is necessary to ensure your recovery and to allow you access to benefits you are entitled as part of your ICBC claim.

At Gantzert Law, our Vancouver spinal injury lawyer will take the time to uncover the full details of your accident, your spinal injury and how it has affected your life. As your advocates, we will make sure your needs are fully known to ICBC and your benefits are paid out appropriately.


Spinal injuries range from minor diagnoses to severe and permanent conditions. In the case of car accidents, forms of spinal injuries that can result include:

Some of these conditions, in particular whiplash, will manifest as soft tissue injuries, which can be difficult to see using medical imaging equipment. ICBC will often resist claims based on these types of injuries because of the lack of objective proof.

Spine Injury Lawyer

As your law firm, we can arrange to get you the proper diagnosis and treatment for your spinal injury. We can use the resources of experts and medical tests, such as MRI scans, to demonstrate the full extent of your condition to ICBC, during negotiation, mediation or a trial process.

When you meet with us, we will provide you with information about your legal rights. In particular, it is important to know that your ability to claim certain benefits is not diminished simply because you continue to work following an injury.

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To speak with us about your ICBC claim, contact us online or call us at 604-221-7242, toll free throughout British Columbia at 877-389-7242. A neck, back, spinal cord or spinal column injury can get progressively worse over time and take longer to heal than you may expect. Therefore it is in your best interest to speak with a lawyer to protect your rights before your speak with ICBC.

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