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Spinal Fractures

The speed and force of a car collision can cause you to be thrown in a way that causes a spinal fracture, which is a serious condition that will cause pain and potentially require surgery to repair. Like many car accident injuries, the length of time you need to recover, and hence the benefits you require from ICBC, will not be apparent until after your medical treatment plan is prepared and carried out.

At Gantzert Law, our Vancouver spine fracture lawyer will link you to the medical experts that are needed to properly analyze your injuries and assess their potential progression. We will work to get you the attention you need, both from the insurer and the medical profession.

Recovering From Spinal Fracture

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, spinal fractures rarely occur outside of high-energy trauma, such as a fall from height, sports accident or car accident. Examples of spinal fracture include a flexion fracture, where the vertebra is pulled apart during a head-on collision, and a compression fracture, where the vertebrae crush up and down.

Regardless of the nature of a spinal fracture, surgery and other medical intervention must be followed by rehabilitation to regain mobility and reduce pain. Without proper care, this back injury can progress to become scoliosis, paralysis or deformity.

Lawyer experienced in Spinal Fracture

At Gantzert Law, we can give you legal advice as to whether a proposed settlement offer from ICBC is adequate to account for your needs. We will work to get you the maximum benefits to which you are entitled, through negotiation, mediation or trial.


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