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ICBC Motorcycle Claims

Motorcycle accident victims suffer two distinct effects following a severe injury.  The substantial and life-changing physical injuries are often compounded by the psychological devastation of no longer being able to ride, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

Gantzert Law specializes in ICBC motorcycle accident claims.  We are effective legal counsel and are aware of the full impact your injuries may have on your life. Meeting with us before you meet with ICBC can help ensure your injuries are properly compensated for and your claim receives the attention it deserves.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Due to a rider's exposure to the open road, motorcycle accident victims often suffer severe and unique injuries, including:

  • road rash
  • severe burns
  • lower body injuries
  • head, neck and spinal injuries

These injuries usually require immediate medical attention and can require long-term and specialized care.

Knowing the Unique Aspects of Motorcycle Riding

As a motorcycle rider himself, our law firm's founding lawyer, René Gantzert, knows riding a motorcycle safely is not the same as driving a car safely. Out of caution, a motorcyclist may take different steps to protect himself or herself than would a vehicle driver.

This distinction is not always clear to the adjuster in dealing with ICBC motorcycle claims, and will affect how the insurer interprets your actions during and prior to a bike crash. For example, actions a motorcyclist may take to prevent a serious impact — such as laying the bike down — may cause ICBC to claim that a rider has contributed to his injuries. An adjuster may also claim the lack of certain safety gear has caused a motorcyclist to be contributorily negligent.

Surrey ICBC Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

At Gantzert Law, we can advise you on your legal rights and properly represent your interests in all ICBC motorcycle claims. With our assistance, you can obtain the medical care and compensation you require to recover from your injuries.

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