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Herniated-Bulging Disc

A car accident can cause a disc herniation or bulge which is an often painful condition affecting the spine, such as in the neck or lower back. Although the condition may heal within a few weeks, without proper diagnosis and treatment, it can worsen over time and severely impact an individual's quality of life.

At Gantzert Law of Vancouver, we help herniated disc patients get needed compensation. Lawyer René Gantzert will negotiate with ICBC on behalf of clients and link them with necessary experts and medical care.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Disc Herniation and Bulge

Early diagnosis and treatment is necessary for the effective treatment of a disc herniation or bulge injury. X-rays are ineffective in showing these types of back injuries; therefore, the use of an MRI scan is often necessary to analyze and diagnose your condition.

Without proper treatment, a herniated disc can cause long-term physical discomfort and pain. If the disc becomes calcified bone, it can limit your neck mobility and possibly lead to a need for surgery. Since the risk of devastating effects is so great, early medical intervention is important.

Our ICBC Lawyers Getting You Compensation and Care

A herniated disc can cause not only physical pain but can also affect your employment options, both in the short and long term. The added cost of medical care combined with the reduced ability to earn income can add severe financial strain to your life.

At Gantzert Law, we routinely help car accident victims get the compensation they need and deserve from ICBC. We can also connect you to the experts you need to diagnosis and treat your condition.

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